This service will keep your air clean and safe by connecting Awair to other smart devices in your home. You can also use Awair Glow to automatically activate a non-smart device.

Get a better night’s sleep and stop suffering because of high CO2 levels. Connect Nest with your Awair device so that your Nest Thermostat knows when to turn on your fan and get rid of the excess CO2.

Control your environment! Set specific triggers to suit your needs on IFTTT. You can set rules for the AC to turn off when it gets too cold or the humidifier to turn on when the humidity is too low. Check out more cool recipes on IFTTT and get cleaner air!

Stop second guessing yourself and simply ask your Amazon Echo about how to improve your air. You’ll get instant suggestions about how to keep your environment fresh and healthy without even touching a button.

Connect Your Devices

Awair’s list of compatible devices continues to grow. Our vision is to connect with various thermostats, fans, humidifiers, smart watches, etc.

If you are interested in integrating your smart device with Awair, please let us know at

30 Day Return Warranty Included Specs
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